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Author Topic: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2  (Read 2447 times)

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Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« on: August 16, 2017, 16:21:12 »
As I said in the last episode, the first arc of DoF is over.
The new arc arrived.
Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.
I hope you enjoy this 'sucessful' series.
Is this what you call a sucess? Meh, who knows, without further delay I present you:

Diaries of Fear – Arc 2

Episode 7 – Train Nonstop!

Date of log: 1 day after the Princess’ betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up with a conversation noise, it seems like there was a guest in the house. As he went down the stairs, his grandma greeted him.

_I came to visit my family and they told me a disgraceful new. Is not it true, grandson, that you got your lazy butt beaten?

_Y-yeah so what?

_You will go through a harsh training, again! I expect to hear no complains.

_And who will coach me? Probably, the only suitable fighter in this house is my sister and…

_No, your sister’s skills are rusty. Lately, she only want to know about caravans and trades.


_I will train you… I have been training without permission from your sister.

_This is… I cannot even… ugh.

_From now on, you will train hard after work. There is no escape. I will mold your lazy butt into a monster!

Osoreito left his home and checked the front of the house for his favorite journal. It was there. The title says “Interviewer Becomes the Star of the Moment”, and bellow, “After a series of interviews with famous personalities of all villages, the interviewer himself became notorious everywhere for his ability to interview. After another interviewer interviewed him, he stated that he is visiting Okagakure next, to see his fans. Read more in page 6”.

_Impressive, I guess.

Osoreito went to the kage’s building and met Hanaka in the Office. The Intelligence Division was efficient, truly, since they managed to restore part of the documents lost by Rinku. There was enough intact parts to identify whom the documents mentioned and what peculiarity they had.

Years ago, a young unidentified girl got involved in an incident in a small community living in the desert of Hokorigakure. The documents classify the girl as something known roughly as Legendary Shinobi. Authorities found the place one day, desert and with piles of dead persons, the girl was the only one found alive. Since Rinku got alive to the kage’s building and with his money, and since the ‘robber’ cared to slice the papers in a pattern that made them mostly impossible to restore, then, the documents were probably the true target.

It is possible to speculate that the reason to why someone would get rid of such papers is to conceal an obscure scheme. That was, however, not the only thing Hanaka had to inform him. Super Green Devil, now self-entitled Silence Princess, goes by the name of Nigeru and she apparently killed the former Green Devil as revenge for betraying her sister. The betrayal caused her sister, a high rank criminal, to end arrested by the Hokorigakure forces. Eventually, her comrades rescued her and there is no notice about her since then. If Nigeru hold a grudge against Hokorigakure, then the life of the Hokorikage and the elders are in danger.

It is unknown whether the unidentified girl is involved in this mess or if they plan to either enslave or assassinate her, but now it is known that the ‘Princess’ is involved with the mysterious shinobi dressed in dark blue. Osoreito was confused with the amount of surprises he got. He worked in the building, helping with the paperwork, and reflecting about all the things that happened recently.

Osoreito went back home, the sun was about to leave, his day however was not about to end. His grandma was waiting in a room, it seems like she took the objects closer to the wall and there was more space in the middle. The carpet on the floor was there to indicate the limit of the training space, as it did not fully covered the floor.

_I am guessing you are ready, boy. Because you should be – said her while hitting the ground with her cane.

He remained silent, looking tired of working and soulless. She proceeded to make a first movement and talk.

_It does not matter whether you want to act or flee – she waved the cane at a low height, making Osoreito fall on the ground – since the moment you came, you are not giving me proper attention.

_This hurts, so exhausted, I feel dead.

_Dead is how you would be if this was a serious fight – said her while pointing the cane close to his neck – so stop being pathetic and give this fight some thought.


He got up, positioning his body in a basic fighting stance. His face had not changed, so she waved the cane in a similar manner, expecting to scold him again about paying attention. He dodged by withdrawing his feet and kicked in a middle height, the kick met her other arm that blocked the attack. She pushed him, creating a distance.

Knowing well that she could use more of her strength, she changed her stance, holding the cane with both hands, as if she held a sword. She charged using multiple swings. Osoreito had no choice but to block with his arms. Every hit was stronger than the last, revealing the fact that she was barely using any strength in the beginning.

Holding the cane with one hand, she waved the object at a low height for a third time. As Osoreito blocked the attack, she could not contain her smile, quickly moving her other arm a grabbing his unprotected neck. She forced him into the ground and said:

_Oh well, that was a good warming for today. Your skills are horrible, but we can start the training anyway.

_Warming? What have I done to the spirits to deserve this?

_From now on I expect you to charge your chakra while we fight.

_B-both things simultaneously?

_I cannot enhance your genjutsu, but you should be able to keep your chakra control at a satisfactory level even while busy fighting. It is essential that you focus your chakra quickly, even while in physical combat. Cast ninjutsu and genjutsu as soon as the opportunity arrives.

_You, on the other hand, can channel chakra to strengthen your taijutsu. Did not I guessed it right?

_We shall begin – said her while channeling chakra into the cane and hitting the ground, the impact made a bunch of dust in the ground lift and some chakra disperse from the point of the cane.

How long can he withstand such training? He questioned the efficiency of her methods, but his complaints was of no effect. Osoreito trained during some minutes, ending his day soon after.

  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2017, 17:46:41 »
Won't say it was a good one, knowing your standards.
I suppose its a build up to something better.

This one seemed short. You could have worked on the training part to add some spice.
Hope to see better stuff next time :)

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2017, 14:20:09 »
Episode 8 – Solo Movement

Date of log: 15 (17) days after the Princess’ Betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito has been training after work for some days. Sadly, his training was not match for what met him during a night. He did not noticed the presence of some evil figures close to his home. When he was returning from the kage’s building a group of bandits ambushed and kidnaped him. Nothing else, of importance, happened the days before, except maybe for the rumors that somebody was recruiting criminals from villages around Hokorigakure.

He slowly started to regain conscience, a day had passed and it was early in the morning. He was shocked with the scene. Around him, there was four guards, close to each side of the wall and in the middle of the room, there was a woman apparently sleeping. The guards were motionless and were impressively tall. It was barely possible to tell if they were humans, considering their muscles and height.

Osoreito was sitting in the ground with his hands tied. The door opened and to his surprise, the Silence Princess appeared before him saying:

_Awake, rookie. Your time has come to do something useful in your life.

_W-what, you… you brought me here.

_This person in the middle of the room is my sister, rookie. She ended up imprisoned by the village’s forces. They interrogated, actually, tortured her to almost death and she ended up in coma.

_Nigeru, are you plotting a revenge against the village?

_At this point you know a lot about me, right? However, you do not know much about someone nearby here. Someone special.

_The Legendary Shinobi.

_My adopted niece… how she ended in my family is a long story. She is a rare tool in my hands. There is something special in her blood, some power of unimaginable scale. She is the key to the village’s decay and I plan to use her if you fail to help me now.

_What could I possibly do?

_Use your genjutsu to wake my sister up. The coma c-can… can only be a genjutsu induced one. N-now!


_Eh? Weirdly easy… I mean. Yes, go ahead.

As he approached, he touched her body with his hands. Hands that were at that moment, wrapped with a rope in the front part of his body. Her heart was weak and so was her breath. How long was she kept in that state? Osoreito tried to feel the chakra pattern, something that is possible to do from great distances for a sensory type shinobi. Since he did not had such sensibility of a sensory shinobi he had to focus his mind from a close distance.

The room was silent. Nigeru stopped talking to give him some peace and the guards looked like statues since the beginning. He stood there for some seconds and suddenly his face became more serious, if not somewhat sadder. He then broke the silence.

_About this, nothing can be done.

_What, are you deaf? Cannot you grasp into the seriousness of the situation?

_She is in biological coma, not a genjutsu illusion. This pattern of chakra is in natural form, it is a weak flow because of her state, but still natural.

_You should know what my sister’s life means. You should refrain from this lack of assistance – shouted her.

_Of course I know what it means to take care of your family – shouted him just before punching the floor, making noise.

_Very well… this is a poison you will taste too, rookie. I will leave you in the endless desert of Hokorigakure, to die there. The hyenas will have just as much compassion as you showed today.

Before he could reply, a guard shot a tranquilizer. As his consciousness began to fade, he heard a last sentence. “As soon as she dies…the war… commences” or something similar. Nigeru’s face almost looked like it was shining. Was she crying? Osoreito fell unconscious.

He woke up indeed in the middle of the desert. The sand felt horrible, almost burning the skin. The sun was worse, and his body could barely move. He got up and walked a distance anyway, trying to find a familiar dune. How long could he survive, after that many days without water? He fell on the ground, losing conscious a second time.

A day passed and he woke up in a hospital. The body was starting to dehydrate. Consequently, there was tubes in his arms. His body was in a bed. He heard voices nearby.

_Maybe if Izumi was there, I would think his health is safer – said a voice.

_There is not much I can do anymore. Now patience and time are something he need, he will most probably survive – said a second voice.

_I-I – Osoreito whispered – feel hungry, thirsty and I feel pain. What kind of kidnapper lack the politeness to feed me, at least?

_Yep, he is alive – said Rinku, standing close to the door.

_My lips are dry. Why do I feel like I am dying?

_Because you were dying, in the middle of the freaking desert. A caravan found you, luckily. They did not had time to wait you wake up, so they brought you to the village.

_Caravans for the win. No worries then, except for this pain.

_They could have robbed you, stop acting like this. Animals could have attacked you. You are lucky.

_Calm down Rinku. I have no reason to worry, because, I bet you would burn my magazines if something serious had happened.

Rinku finally relaxed his facial expression, smiling at his remark. Osoreito survived, and rested in the Hospital. He definitely needed a rest, after everything he went through.

Edit: The Legendary Shinobi is now refered as 'niece', a word that I had never heard of before and that actually sounds like a stupid way of writing 'nice'.
« Last Edit: August 24, 2017, 17:46:22 by Alanok »
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2017, 11:19:58 »
Adopted *niece you mean?
Or idk.
It was a little confusing in the begining.
Yet again I couldn't feel the kick like before.

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2017, 14:18:52 »
Episode 9 – The Flow of a New Month

Date of log: 21 days after the Princess’ betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up earlier, since Hanaka wanted to show him something. The sunlight was there in the middle of the room, in a different angle since he woke up in a different time. He noticed that something was reflecting the light, since there was a small sparkle. After checking the area closely, he found a ring made of gold.

_This… this object is familiar in a way. What was I supposed to do with a similar object again? Oh yeah! The creepy pigeon man. I will return him this when I find him.

There was not screams and loud conversations in the morning, a sign that his sister and his dad were in a caravan again. They always managed to get way more money than him, mercantile activities were important in his family consequently. He went down the stairs to prepare for his day.

He searched for his favorite journal, Dusty Journal, and found it. The title says “Obscure Criminal Activities”, and bellow, “The investigations of the Hokorigakure’s forces were partially revealed to the citizen. The recent gossips about someone recruiting criminals from neighbor villages in large scale for something are true, although their master and plans are still a secret. Further investigation is in their plans, according to a high authority. Read more in page 6”

_The future is… uncertain.

Osoreito went to the kage’s building and found Hanaka. Hokorigakure’s shinobi was already preparing to defend against an attack. At any moment, a war could break out. She took him to an abandoned building, close to a hole in the ground.

_This is the place – said her – if the village is attacked, this is one of the escape routes the citizen can use.

_This hole? I mean, is not it dangerous?

_Dangerous is how you describe anything outside this hole, if you do not jump there during the attack.

_So, are you suggesting that people suicide here, if they attack the village? Is that what you mean with ‘escape route’?

_No, stupid. This is an unfinished sewer. It takes you outside the village. You are not supposed to kill yourself here.

_Y-yeah. Ha, it is not as if I did not knew that or anything.

Osoreito approached the hole, lifting one feet and saying:

_The spirits of the Zen’no have abandoned me, now there is no hope. He jumped in an endless hole. Death would be…

_Stop being dramatic. Even if you jump, there is water down here. Now, get yourself down here.

He jumped, falling in a bunch of water. When he got out of the water Hanaka was already there, so he asked:

_How come your clothes are dry? You jumped in the water too to get here. Right?

_Nah, I just used the stair.

_There was a s… oh no, my clothes are wet now. Why must you hurt me in this way?

_Well, when you are done looking at the rats and spiders, come to the kage’s building. I do not have free time like you.

_Wait – he said, but she disappeared.

Osoreito went to the kage’s building, again. After going to the office and finding Hanaka he said:

_How did you got there so fast?

_It is jutsu. I am not going to explain anything.

_But – he sighed and gave up on understanding how she got there so fast – What is my next mission?

_Recently, a group of bandits killed some shinobi while they were in a mission. You will inform their family and partners of the incident.

_This is a heavy job. Do I have the sensibility it takes to complete the mission?



_You can do that, or you can clean the bathroom. Visitors clogged up toilet number two again.

_Oh, mister Kitsune no Sabaku, your wife died in a mission, sadly.

_Good, good, that is the spirit. Now go!

Osoreito took a list with deceased shinobi and went around the village, for hours. That is an unpleasant work, and by the end of the day, his face was not among the happiest faces of the village. Sadness is a word that cannot describe the state he left those poor souls in, the souls of the persons abandoned by their loved ones.

He was walking a street and saw an eagle in the sky. Memories rushed back to his mind of when his grandma took him to see the horizon from the village’s walls, when he was young. Scouts greeted his grandma as soon as they saw her, her fellow shinobi knew her well. He said:

_Is the desert infinite?

_There is a huge world out there, which our short life would not allow us to grasp.

_Look! An eagle!

_Eagles, used to say my ancestors, are the way the great spirits use to communicate with this world. They are great messengers, because we can barely escape from their eyes. We cannot escape from receiving the message.

_Could we see the world if we were eagles?

She stood there in silence. It was hard to tell if she was smiling, but it slightly looked like she was. Osoreito awakened, walking the streets distracted. He reported the success of the mission to his superior and went back home.

His grandma was waiting him like always, ready to train. The training was hard. Every of his grandma hits with the cane was imbued with chakra and produced a strong impact. Suddenly, she bashed the ground with great strength and started to shout.

_Ouch, my back. Again. We are done for now.

They sat down to drink tea in another room. Osoreito said:

_Are you not being too harsh on yourself? You have some health issues but insist in this training. Anyway, why are you so worried about whether I am in form or not?

_You look young, not very young anymore, maybe. You remind me of my deceased husband, and my deceased uncle too. If I were there, would it be different? Could I save my husband if I was there?

_The past is gone.

_Our families means everything. We move every little piece of muscle of ours to protect the clan, the village. I worry about everything I did not lost yet, for the things I lost may never return.

Osoreito ended his day, tired like always. Is Hokorigakure under a great danger? As he said in the past, the future is uncertain, and the present is his chance to prepare.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2017, 13:49:53 »
Episode 10 – Mandatory Beach Episode [Filler]

Date of log: 25 (26) days after the Princess’ betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up, like always. Good thing he woke up, otherwise that could mean he is not alive. After going down the stairs, he heard a knock in the door, so he opened the door slowly. Hanaka pushed the half open door, saying:

_Get yourself ready, we are going on vacation. To the closest beach!

_Eh, what?

_I called some members of the Intelligence Division. You are coming too.

_B-but we were supposed to go in a few weeks. Why the sudden change?

_Because we need to relax, and by ‘we’, I mean me. You are going with us… now!

_Taking a day off while our village can be attacked any time. Yep, sounds like a legit brilliant idea.

They went to Rinku’s house and to other two houses. House by house, they invited some members of their division. Osoreito did not knew the other two persons very well. They were a man and a woman. They prepared to travel, taking any important thing they could need. The closest beach was many hours from the village, by the time they got back a day would have passed. Food, water and a tent were some of the things in their bags and body.

They were traveling through the desert. It is always dangerous to walk in the desert, so it was a nice thing that they had the company of each other. Hours passed and they saw the shore from a far distance. There was the water, hitting some rocks and swallowing the sand. There was vegetation, although not much.

The group approached the beach. Both of the persons unknown to Osoreito started to set a beach umbrella and to lay beach mats. Hanaka removed her clothes, while using a swimwear bellow them. She revealed the fact that her butt was muscled and round, leaving Rinku with nosebleed. The butt was so shiny and perfect, that it almost felt like the author wanted to offer fan service in a filler in order to conceal the fact that he ran out of ideas for his series. That much shiny and perfect!

_So round… the sun of course, like always. – Said Rinku, stuttering – I feel hard, I mean, my body is hard and tense after working. It is hot… t-this beach is hot. We can still feel the heat of Hokorigakure, even in a place like this, here.

_Hurry to the water then. Today is a great day! – Replied her.

Another thing could easily attract attention in Hanaka’s body and it was a big tattoo of a dragon. The head started in her back and the tail ended in her leg. The dragon was wrapping her body. He talked again, asking:

_Whoa, since when you have this tattoo? I could never guess you had such thing.

_I did not knew about that either and I think no one else did – remarked Osoreito.

_Your but…eh… your body is looking great, Hanaka.

She did not replied at all, her eyes were busy, in contact with the horizon. Distracted, she stood silent and then approached the sea. Osoreito and Rinku proceeded to walk in the sand. Suddenly Rinku stopped, saying:

_Look, a seashell.

_What? That curvy thing?

_They say that – he took a seashell from the ground – you can hear the sounds of the ocean by approaching your ear to the shell.

_Is not that pointless? The ocean is not distant from here.

_Hey, this is just what they say.

_Who even says that?

_How am I supposed to know? They are, like, the people that say stuff.

_What if seashells were really composed by sea? Seawater!

_Man, did you touched the kage’s bag?

_No! Without permission, that is again the rules.


_Ha Haha ha.

_Why are we laughing?

_We… were laughing?

Meanwhile in a random street of Hokorigakure. A bald man is dancing in the middle of the street. Some persons passing by looked at him, eventually ignoring the man and returning to walk. Suddenly, he stopped with a shocked face, saying:

_I feel a great disturbance in the dancing force. It is almost as if a god was dancing. This power is inhuman. Surprisingly, my skills feel weaker. My visions are returning, ah gr, blades, lightning, blue flashes, ah. Enough dancing for today, because a worth challenger is coming nearby. How long will I wait? Gods…

The man stood there for hours looking at the sky, apparently in a trance. Meanwhile, again, in a secret hideout in the desert, hidden in a system of caves. Nigeru the Silence Princess sat down in chair, putting her legs above the table, crossed. The room was dark, had some torches and a bunch of papers were in the table. Someone knocked on the door.

_Enter – said Nigeru – if it is whom I think it is, then there is no need to knock the door.

_Princess – said a feminine voice, of a mysterious figure getting in the room – I did not wanted to be the one to tell you this…

_Speak, Goddess. From your divine lips, my dear, I would hear news of any kind.

_Death came.

_She… – Suddenly, Nigeru’s expression became more serious – Understood, give me three days to mourn. We will then start the procedures.

_Princess. Soon we will prepare a proper burial.

_Thank you for your kindness. I would not be the same without you, Goddess… Kanna.

Osoreito and his group passed the night close to the beach, after setting a small tent. They then went back to the village, each member returning to his home to rest from the travel.
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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #6 on: September 07, 2017, 09:13:06 »
Lol xD
Chapters so far are great reads for just relaxing, not too heavy, with slight emotional moments hidden here and there & a hint of combat and humor.

Keep it up ^^

"A village without a Kage is lost for some time, but a Kage without a village is lost forever"

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #7 on: September 13, 2017, 13:02:27 »
Episode 11 – The Third Movement is… War

Date of log: 29 days after the Princess’ betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up, this time, thanks to his family. Scouts had found troops marching towards the village and warned the civilians. The villagers moved synchronized, fleeing and seeking for safer places, even though the enemy had not yet broken through the walls. Invading the village is easy for a dedicated group, in this case, a group of mercenaries and criminals in general.

Osoreito, his family and the neighborhood went to the abandoned building shown by Hanaka. The group was supposed to hide in the building during the attack and flee through the unfinished sewer at any sign of danger. As people started to get inside, Osoreito spoke to his sister:

_This is the place where the escape route is in. A sewer. By the way, remember to use the stairs instead of jumping in the water.

_And who would be stupid enough to jump there?

_W-well, you see, it is j-just a friendly warning. Of course, no one would be that stupid.

_Oh, would not the village’s forces require your assistance in a situation like this?

_Ah, yes, I will check that. Be right back.

He quickly ran through the village’s streets, now empty of civilians and almost desert. Shinobi occupied the streets. Small groups approached the walls, ready to act if the front line needed reinforcement. Osoreito reached the kage’s building, looking for Hanaka.

_I secured the place I live in – he said while joining a room, seeing she was in the office – what else is required?

_Good. I will show you other building where you should hide. You will not get anywhere near the walls right now, neither fight anyone.

_What? Did I missed something? I thought I could help.

_Sorry, Vizier’s orders. At this point, the Silence Princess probably know that you survived. I assigned someone to guard you. The person is waiting you in the place I want show you.

Osoreito went to the specified place, finding a masked shinobi. It was not a surprise to see the elite forces wearing masks. Meanwhile in the village’s front, the first enemy appeared rushing towards the village and followed by other shinobi right behind. A small group of scouts above the wall prepared their bows, shooting them skillfully. From a high ground and a long distance, their arrows were the perfect weapon. The first few enemies died easily.

How the situation came down to this? Maybe if the village’s spies had gathered enough info, the Silence Princess would be dead before completing her small army. She was not in sight, from the village’s wall of course. Probably, she planned to send her minions first. A small group of scouts was fighting on ground level, killing the coming enemies personally. Suddenly, after one of them killed an enemy, making him fall while dropping an unidentified object, the scout realized:

_This thing, ugh… – After identifying the object as being an inactive bomb, he turned behind, looking at the archers in the wall – Bomb! Bomb, bomb – he screamed, making the surrounding scouts alert.

More enemies appeared, rushing recklessly at the walls. Reinforcement started to approach the battlefield, helping to defend the village. The archers succeeded to defeat many units, however, slowly, the enemy started to outnumber them. One enemy killed, two, but the third and fourth one always got nearer the wall. Repeating the process, the approaching bandits left the archers sweating and with trembling hands.

Suddenly, a bandit approached the wall and succeeded to throw a bomb close enough to the wall. He said:

_Ha, I did it! Dust ninjas can suck m…

After turning back to run from the bomb, however, a scout hit his leg with an arrow and he died in the explosion. The wall started to shake and part of it fell in the ground. Some bricks started to fall and the nearby archers got busy trying not to fall. The troops now started to trespass the wall, intensely fighting the village’s forces. One of the bandits outside the village started to blow a winding horn, announcing the arrival of their leader.

Something big appeared in the horizon. Four enormous and muscled bandits appeared, holding a wooden platform, each of them in one side. Above the platform, two figures. One of them was Nigeru the Silence Princess, with the arms crossed and a serious look. The other one was Kanna, a shinobi wearing only golden pieces around the body and with an expressionless face. The gold was shiny bellow the sun. Nigeru turned to a random bandit, saying:

_There is sand in my sandals. Clean it now.

_S-sorry princess but we are in the middle of the desert. There is sand everywhere.

_Clean me with haste. Do I look like a waiter?

He got up in the platform just to clean her feet using his hands, eventually getting down. The princess started to make a speech, somewhat close to the wall.

_Life, dreams, hope. Why crawl to those things? I will destroy such meaningless things. The world will meet its doom, starting from Hokorigakure. If there is a day in which I bow to this rotten world, then today is not that day. March!

Kanna raised her arm with an open hand and waved it downside, making a sandstorm push some village’s shinobi away from them. She then switched her attention to the wall, charging her chakra, lifting an arm, and saying “Sandstorm release: Dust Spiral”. Dust particles enveloped the archers, forming a spiral starting from the ground and ending upside. It was possible to see through the dust. They fell unconscious immediately.

_Are they dead? – Asked Nigeru.

_No Princess… do you want me to kill them?

_No, Goddess, save your chakra for the Kage.

They entered the village through the wall, approaching a street. A group of shinobi from the village attacked the bandits around the princess, but Kanna pushed them away, with a sandstorm. Suddenly, from their right side, a shinobi that was pretending to be unconscious got up from the ground and ran towards the princess.

_Goddess, look right – said her as Kanna turned right side, pushing the shinobi away with a sandstorm – looks like a little rat pretended to be sleeping. Bohohohoho.

They proceeded in direction to the center of the village.

Appearance: Tanned woman with black eyes and black hair that wear golden pieces as clothing, revealing most parts of her body.
About: She is loyal to Nigeru, her adoptive aunt. She is a Legendary Shinobi that Nigeru’s sister adopted, when she was still young.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 2
« Reply #8 on: September 20, 2017, 13:46:10 »
Episode 12 – Finale of the Symphony

Date of log: 29 days after the Princess’ betrayal. Hokorigakure (dust)

The bandits were carrying the wooden platform, with Silence Princess and Kanna above it, across the village. Nigeru turned to Kanna and said:

_Goddess, listen, I need to find a certain someone to take care of an unfinished business.

_If you wish to, my Princess. You want me to conduct your plan, I know.

_There is no need to worry. I will made it in time to see you get the Kage, hahaha.

Nigeru jumped to the top of a building and started to run in the roof, disappearing from sight. Kanna continued moving through the village, eventually finding an elite group of shinobi, all of them masked. One of them threw a shuriken, but Kanna quickly launched a sandstorm in their direction.

Surprisingly, all of them disappeared in the air. An illusion, she was fooled by genjutsu. Suddenly, one of them pierced the leg of one of the bandits holding the platform with a sword, making him immediately crouch on the ground. The wooden platform became unstable, partially rotating in that direction. An elite shinobi jumped in the platform, preparing to attack by getting a kunai from a bag.

_If she was there… I am but a tool, and I do what I have to do – said her.

She started to charge chakra and make hand seals. The shinobi in the platform charged.

_Sandstorm r… – she said, but had to defend with a kunai that moment – sands… – she defended again – storm – she defended once again, stepping back – release!

She kicked the shinobi, sending him out of the platform. She raised both arms with open hands and waved them down saying “Dust Spiral”! She attacked multiple enemies with the technique, leaving them unconscious on the ground. Seeing there was still masked enemies, she jumped from the platform. She ran through a corner, outnumbered. The elite forces proceeded to chase her.

Meanwhile, in the village’s west, a group of bandits was fighting in a street. The leader of a squad of the village’s force made signs for his comrades. They answered quickly, by changing position and charging their chakra. The enemies moved in a straight line, charging to maximize damage. Suddenly, four shinobi used ninjutsu to create earth walls around them, two in each of their right and left side. They charged, confident, realizing the walls were not in their path to reach the shinobi. They however, met multiples wind bullet projectiles created by ninjutsu, facing an inevitable death with no side to flee.

Meanwhile, another group of bandits was fighting in the village’s east. The group was looting coins and goods of their enemies as soon as they died. The leader of the group used a ninjutsu to kill the remaining foes, burning them with fire breath. A group of hunters of the village appeared, with members of the Tokage no Sabaku among them. Notably, their leader was also of the Tokage clan, wearing a typical mask, he said:

_Would you dare to come closer? After I am finished here, I am sure the crows will be the next one to loot bodies in this street… for flesh of course.

One of the bandits approached, saying confidently:

_Cannot you see what we did here? What we can do. – He crouched smiling, putting a sword in his shoulder mockingly – I cannot say the crows will eat you, because I do not think they like incinerated food…

A shuriken interrupted him, landing in his arm. He fell, paralyzed for a moment. He then screamed, while his mouth was foaming, eventually dying. The leader of the hunters spoke again, while his comrades prepared their weapons.

_This is the part where you run away.

The bandits ran, but were chased and killed by the hunters. Meanwhile, Nigeru was getting nearer her expected location. Sneaking around the village with lightning speed. She had a spy get info on Osoreito’s whereabouts, eventually finding a building with guards in the front. She killed the guards easily. She then broke the door with a kick, saying:

_Knock knock. – She walked through the door – Can I enter? I promise I will not harm anyone, softly.

She was walking in a corridor and immediately stepped back to dodge coming projectiles. Senbon, three of them, ended stuck in the wall.

_Excuse me, host – said her – I am not in the mood for acupuncture therapy.

_Did you had fun killing the air out there? It is not my favorite hobby to hit the air, you know, but I am still glad you had some fun – said Osoreito, making her aware that she was in his genjutsu zone since the beginning.

_The hyenas were starving, so I came here to prepare their dinner. They hate when the food abandon them.

_Wind release, w…

He made one hand seal but she interrupted him, charging with a kunai. He quickly held her hand with both hands. The kunai started to get closer to his chest, but at that distance, his genjutsu was too intense. Both started to sweat. Suddenly, the hand with a kunai slipped, ready to pierce Osoreito. The person guarding Osoreito got there in time and pierced her with a sword. The attack was not immediately lethal, as she proceeded say her last words:

_R-rookie. Rookie. You just had to save h…

She fell on the ground, bleeding. The symphonic thread of fear suddenly ceased. In the end, just silence remained. Death settled in that village. Meanwhile, in some other street, Kanna was running recklessly from elite shinobi, heading to the kage’s building as if her life depended on that.

Suddenly, a bald man interrupted her.

_You. You look skillful – she jumped with a stunt above him – wait, where are you going? – He ran, trying to catch with her speed – I, huff, challenge, huff, you to a, huff, huff, dance challenge! No, is an unacceptable answer.

He jumped above her with a stunt, blocking her way again. He proceeded to repeat his request, but a masked shinobi interrupted them. The masked person hugged her from behind, cutting her throat with a knife and spouting blood on the bald man, who said with trembling hands:

_I-I j-just wanted to dance…

Hokorigakure was once again in peace, after a small-scale war. The village’s forces had completed their job, at last.

This is the end of Arc 2. New episodes coming really soon.
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  • Character Name: Osoreito


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